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Grammar & Text production

In the course "Grammar and Text Production," written expression is specifically trained at proficiency levels A1 to C1.

Course Contents:

  • Gradual improvement of writing skills: Our courses focus on gradually enhancing your written expression skills – from basic elements to advanced writing techniques at proficiency levels A1 to C1.

  • Practice of required text genres: We provide practical exercises for various text genres required at proficiency levels A1 to C1. These include emails, invitations, complaint letters, comments, expressions of opinion, and the composition of a presentation.

  • Preparation for exams: The courses specifically prepare you for the written part of ÖSD exams and ÖIF integration exams. We assist you in gaining confidence and competence for these exams.

About Writing:

While writing texts can be demanding, it is also heavily influenced by formulation and structuring patterns. These patterns, known as text routines, make it easier for authors to communicate their thoughts clearly and precisely. Therefore, writing can be learned!

The writing courses are designed not only to teach you the necessary skills but also to help increase your own writing proficiency. We look forward to guiding you on your journey to improved written expression.

Ich habe mehrere Deutschkurse bei [dig] besucht bis B2. Ich habe viel gelernt. Deutsch in Graz ist einfach super und ich würde dieses Institut jedem empfehlen.

Duration Course times units Price in Euro 

8 weeks

Tuesday and Thursday

12:15 - 13:45

16 € 168.-

 Booking form and dates:

Course Date
Text 6 Grammar and Text production 04.06.2024 - 27.06.2024
Text 7 Grammar and text production 02.07.2024 - 25.07.2024
Text 8 Grammar and Text production 30.07.2024 - 22.08.2024
Text 9 Grammar and text production 27.08.2024 - 19.09.2024
Text 10 Grammar and text production 24.09.2024 - 17.10.2024
Text 11 Grammar and text production 22.10.2024 - 18.11.2024
Text 12 Grammar and text production 21.11.2024 - 16.12.2024