German courses

Intensive course with exam preparation

The intensive courses are offered year-round
at the levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1

In the morning classes everyday topics are used to teach relevant grammar and vocabulary. All language skills (oral and written communication, listening and reading comprehension) are strengthened and practiced. 

In the additional five units the teacher can focus especially on the individual needs and weak points of the students.

Our students have the option of completing their language course with the officially recognised ÖSD language test at the appropriate level.

Course times:

Lessons: Monday to Friday from 8:45 am - 1 pm, 25 units per week

Ich habe mehrere Deutschkurse bei [dig] besucht bis B2. Ich habe viel gelernt. Deutsch in Graz ist einfach super und ich würde dieses Institut jedem empfehlen.


 Fees and Duration:



Fees in Euro
4 weeks 100 680.- 

The course price includes placement test, all materials and a confirmation of participation.

Booking form and dates:

Course Date
IKP07 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; C2; 01.07.2024 - 26.07.2024
IKP08 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; C2; 29.07.2024 - 23.08.2024
IKP09 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; C2; 26.08.2024 - 20.09.2024
IKP10 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; C2; 23.09.2024 - 18.10.2024
IKP11 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; C2; 21.10.2024 - 19.11.2024
IKP12 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; C2; 25.11.2024 - 20.12.2024