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Conversation course

Course Contents:

Our Conversation Course is designed for participants at the B1 level and offers a dynamic opportunity to deepen language skills. In a lively atmosphere, all participants actively engage in the class, discussing current topics from everyday life, society, and culture. Here, they can casually practice and reinforce expression, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Target Audience:

The Conversation Course is specifically designed for participants at the B1 level. This means that basic knowledge is assumed, and the focus is on developing conversational skills.

Group Size:

To ensure an effective and interactive learning environment, the group size is limited to 6 to 10 participants. This allows for intensive interaction and personal attention, ensuring that each individual makes progress.

Active Participation in Class:

All participants actively join in discussions with each other and the teacher, covering a range of current topics from everyday life, society, and culture, etc. In a stimulating atmosphere, expression, vocabulary, and comprehension are practiced and consolidated in an informal manner.

Our Conversation Course provides a vibrant and enriching opportunity to express oneself more confidently in the new language and experience the joy of speaking. We look forward to welcoming you to our dynamic language course!

Hours Duration units Price in Euro


19:30 - 21:00

4 weeks


€ 180.-

There is only one thing left to say: Let’s go - gemma's au! 

Dates and registration 

Course Date
Koku 9 conversation 28.08.2024 - 18.09.2024
Koku 11 conversation 23.10.2024 - 13.11.2024
Koku 12 Conversation 20.11.2024 - 18.12.2024