ÖSD is a communication oriented examination system with the objective of verifying foreign language skills in terms of real-life situations. ÖSD aims to reflect the diversity of the German language in order to prepare participants for linguistic reality in different German-speaking countries.


Structure of ÖSD:

To obtain a comprehensive and nuanced picture of an individual’s linguistic competence, the language competence is divided into individual sections. The ÖSD differentiates between separate communicative skills (reading, listening, writing and speaking) and combined communicative skills (for example, listening and speaking: conversing, reading comprehension and writing: corresponding). 


Test repetition:

If you fail a part of the exam (written or oral) you will receive a diploma with the grade partial pass failed. You can retake the failed part within a year at any exam centre and will only pay half of the examination fee.


Please bring your negative diploma when you register for another exam!


[dig] is an examination centre for the internationally recognised language diploma (6 tests at 6 levels).


Exam Proof of language skills

Examination fee


Basic level German A1 

German for immigrants

€ 200.-

Basic level German A2 

Participants in the ÖSD Certificate A2 exam should be able

to communicate on a basic level in simple, routine situations of everyday

and professional life

€ 200.-

Certificate of German level  B1

The Zertifikat B1 exam tests the ability to use the language 

independently in everyday and professional situations involving 

familiar topics and personal areas of interest.

€ 200.-
Intermediate German B2

University admission and Austrian citizenship

€ 220.-
Advanced German  C1 Admission university and universities of applied science € 220.-
Business German C2 Access to the Austrian  employment market € 240.-


Booking form and dates:

Course Date
ÖSD 05 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; 27.04.2024 -
ÖSD 06 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; 08.06.2024 -
ÖSD 07 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; 29.06.2024 -
ÖSD 08 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; 27.07.2024 -
ÖSD 09 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; 24.08.2024 -
ÖSD 10 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; 21.09.2024 -
ÖSD 10 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; 19.10.2024 -
ÖSD 11 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; 23.11.2024 -
ÖSD 12 A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; 14.12.2024 -