Online-Kurse bei Deutsch in Graz

Coronavirus - Safety measures at Deutsch in Graz!

  • Keeping distance is the most important thing!
  • Permanent wearing of FFP2 masks in the institute
  • Take a temperature & disinfect before entering the course room
  • 3 x per week: Testing at free public test centers and pharmacies 
  • Each course participant has his own table regular airing of the seminar rooms
  • Do not forget to keep your distance at any time, whether in the corridors, in the elevator or in the course rooms. Wash your hands and do not touch your face.
  • Soap is just as good as disinfectant.
  • Take regular opportunities to wash and sanitize hands. This, in conjunction with consistently keeping your distance, will go a long way Do not shake hands.
  • For the protection of all our employees as well as all our guests, please enter only when you actually feel healthy.
  • Possible indications of an infection with SARS-CoV-2 can be one or more of these symptoms symptoms:
    Fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, catarrh (inflammation with secretion/mucus formation) of the upper respiratory tract, or sudden loss of the sense of taste or smell. However, the disease can also be asymptomatic, i.e., go unnoticed. So stay alert at all times and please follow the recommendations consistently. This is how we protect each other and safeguard what we have achieved together. Translated with (free version)