General terms and conditions

Terms and conditions


Registration and Payment

Registrations or changes in bookings are only valid in written form or online ( You can register via email (, our website ( or in person at Deutsch in Graz. Registrations are binding. 


German course and accomodation:

When you book a language course, you will receive an invoice and a confirmation of registration with all important information about the course. The payment of the fee for the course is due to Deutsch in Graz on the payment date indicated in the invoice. Decisive for the timeliness of the payment is the receipt on the account of Deutsch in Graz stated in the invoice. The invoice number must be stated when making the transfer. If Deutsch in Graz does not receive the payment in time, you lose the right to the booked services. In this case Deutsch in Graz is entitled to assign the booked services elsewhere. 

If Deutsch in Graz does not receive the deposit of the course fee by the due date, the participant will not longer be entitled to the services booked. In this case Deutsch in Graz is entitled to make the services available to other interested parties.

Payment is accepted by postal order, via bank transfer or by credit card (plus 3% credit card transfer fee) Payments must be made free of charge for Deutsch in Graz [dig]. In case of delays in payment, we charge 1% interest per month. 


Our bank account:

 Landeshypothekenbank Steiermark, A-8011 Graz

Konto Nr. 2054 10 19 686, Bankleitzahl 56000

IBAN: AT285600020541019686; SWIFT/BIC: HYSTAT2G


Participation fees are in accordance with the Austrian VAT-law 1994 (Ust-Gesetz 1994) VAT-free and partially tax deductible. In case of delayed payment, € 5,-- overdue fines will be charged.


Discounts for family members

For families, there is a discount of 5 % on the course fee for each additional family member at the same course.


Cancellation is only accepted in writing. Non-payment of the fee or non-attendance will not directly lead to cancellation. Cancellation three weeks before the course begins is free of charge. In case of cancellation between the start of the cancellation period to one week prior to the commencement of the course, a cancellation fee of 25% and in case of cancellation within the first week prior to the course start 50% of the course fee will be charged. In case of cancellation on the first day of the course or non-attendance, the whole course fee will be charged. If you are able to name a substitute participant no cancellation fee will be charged. Please note that there is no reduction in price or reimbursement if participants attend irregularly or discontinue attending the course.


Course Programme

The indicated prices are valid until 31st Dec. 2020. Tuition materials (copies) and third-party insurance are included in the course fees. In each level of proficiency there has to be a minimum of 6 course participants.

[dig] reserves the right to cancel courses if the minimum number of students has not been reached or for organisational reasons.

In case of a course cancellation, participants will be notified before the beginning of the course. In such a case, payments already made will be refunded, but there are no claims for damages deriving from any other costs accrued. In case the minimum number of participants will not be reached the course can still take place, if the participants agree upon a reduction of the course-hours or regular participants pay for the difference.


In case of illness of the teacher the course will be taught by a fully qualified supply teacher. In exceptional cases cancelled lessons will be added at the end of the course.

No teaching takes place on public holidays. Tuition lost for this reason cannot be made up subsequently.

The following dates are public holidays 2021 
Jan. 1&5. / Apr. 13/ May 1/ May 21/ June 1/ June 11/ Aug. 15/ Oct. 26/ Nov. 1/  Dec. 8 / Dec 25. Jan. 1 2021
School is also closed on: Dec. 24/ Dec. 27 2021

Regulations for online lessons (instead of in-person lessons)

a) As far as possible, the lessons take place as in-person instruction.

b) On days or at times when Deutsch in Graz’s premises are closed due to official or legal regulations or other comparable cases, e.g. due to the developments in the course of the corona pandemic, and in-person teaching is not possible, online lessons are regarded an equivalent form of tuition.

c) Likewise, online lessons are regarded an equivalent form of tuition on days or at times when quarantine has been prescribed for the course group as a whole or for the course instructor of the course the course participant attends.

d) For those days or times when Deutsch in Graz does not or cannot provide the service in person, the course participant accepts the offer of Deutsch in Graz for online lessons. The online lessons are accepted by the course participant without further compensation as a full substitute for the in-person instruction.

e) Online lessons are provided via the platform of an external third party. The external service provider through which Deutsch in Graz handles the online courses is zoom (Zoom Video Communication, Inc). The service provider mentioned has a valid EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Agreement. With regard to data protection, the course participant expressly agrees to zoom’s data protection agreement. This can be accessed at

f) The course participant has an appropriate device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) and internet connection to take part in the online lessons. Neither a device nor internet connection is provided by Deutsch in Graz. We would like to point out that costs for internet usage may be incurred by the participant in the context of the online lessons, which are borne by him/her and are in no way borne by Deutsch in Graz.

g) The course participant is expressly prohibited from making recordings (sound and/or images) of the online lessons.

h) Furthermore, Deutsch in Graz informs that the participants do not have to register, pay or deposit credit card details for the usage of the platform zoom. The bandwidth used by the platform zoom is optimized based on the internet provider of the participants. It automatically adapts to 3G, WiFi or wired environments. To use zoom, an internet speed of at least 1.2 Mbps (upload / download) for HD video is recommended. The respective internet speed can be determined on all end devices (computer/laptop, tablet, smartphone) using an online speed test (e.g. at



[dig] is not responsible for issuing visas or residence permissions. The participants are responsible for adhering to the valid passport, visa, currency, and customs regulations.


Should you need a visa for the duration of your course, we kindly ask you to pay the total amount for the course and accommodation in advance. Only then we are allowed to send you a course confirmation and a “Letter of Invitation / acceptance”.

[dig] has no influence on the decision of the Austrian Embassy/Consulate.

In case your visa application is rejected, please send us written proof thereof (issued by the Austrian Embassy or Consulate). In this case we will refund the total amount received minus €100,- (administration charges)


Please note that all photographs taken during the courses are property of [dig] and may

be used by [dig] for advertising purposes.


The programme might be subject to alterations and printing errors.

In all cases the place of jurisdiction is Graz.                                      


as per 01. 2021