About us

About Deutsch in Graz

Deutsch in Graz was founded in 1982 by Germanists as an association of public interest to give teachers the opportunity to teach German as a foreign language.


At the end of the nineties, the language programme was extended throughout the whole year and now includes German as a second language and integration courses. Deutsch in Graz became an exam centre for the ÖSD and the ÖIF.


Today Deutsch in Graz is one of the most renowned language schools in Graz with a permanent trainer-team.




Institute managementGabriele Ortner (gabriele.ortner@dig.co.at)


Administration: Delia Oltean is responsible for the organisation of language courses and examinations.(office@dig.co.at)


Course instructors

Our instructors speak German as their mother tongue and have a university degree (language degree) and additional training in the field of German as a second or foreign language. Our team is characterised by its high level of expertise, great sense of teaching and tireless dedication to our students. Thanks to our regularly scheduled internal training courses, we are always up to date. 
Our instructors are entitled to perform ÖSD and ÖIF exams.