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Writing and Text Production

The course "Writing and Text Production“ practises the written expression for the levels

A2-B1 (Writing 1) as well as for B2-C1 (Writing 2) and for C1 - C2 (Writing 3)

Writing 1:

For participants of levels A2 and B1

Skills covered:

  • Gradual improvement of writing literacy 
  • Practice of text types required in levels A2 and B1, i.e. letters, emails, invitations...
  • Preparation for the written part of the ÖSD exams and integration exams
  • Writing of job applications (CV, cover letter) 

Writing 2

For participants of levels B2 and C1

Skills covered:

  • Practice of texts types required in levels B2 and C1, i.e. formal emails, reasoning, expression or statements  
  • Drawing-up of presentations
  • Writing of job applications (CV, cover letter)
  • Business correspondence 
  •  Academic Writing

For participants of levels C1 and C2

Academic writing is crucial for being successful at universities and universities of applied sciences in Austria. Academic texts are highly complex as well as dominated by wording und structural patterns called text routines, which simplify writing these texts. 

Academic writing can be learned!

Ich habe mehrere Deutschkurse bei [dig] besucht bis B2. Ich habe viel gelernt. Deutsch in Graz ist einfach super und ich würde dieses Institut jedem empfehlen.

Duration Course times units Price in Euro 

4 weeks


6:00 - 7:30 pm

8 € 90.-

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Kurs Datum
Text 6 Writing and Text production 04.11.2023 - 16.12.2023