The classification of the levels corresponds to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR). Deutsch in Graz offers 10 levels. One level lasts 4 weeks in the intensive course (100 units plus 16 units workshop, evening courses 8 weeks with 64 units (or 16 weeks with 32 units per course).



A1elementary language useno prior knowledge




At A1 level you will learn:

  • to understand everyday expressions and simple sentences in use
  • to introduce yourself and others, ask questions and give answers to these questions.
  • to communicate in a simple way provided the other person speaks slowly and clearly




A2.1elementary language uselittle prior knowledge






At A2 level you will learn:

  • to communicate in simple, routine situations with direct exchange of familiar information (very basic personal and family information, shopping, work, local environment) 

  • to describe your background and education, immediate environment and matters concerning your immediate needs in simple terms.




B1.1independent language useadvanced prior knowledge






At B1 level you will learn:

  • to understand key points when standard speech is used to discuss familiar matters, such as work, school, leisure, etc.

  • to deal with situations which are likely to arise whilst traveling in the language region. 

  • to talk simply and cohesively  about  topics which are familiar and of personal interest. 

  • to describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions, discuss your plans and opinions and provide short explanations for these..




B2.1independent language useintermediate previous knowledge






At B2 level you will learn::

  • to understand the gist of complex texts addressing tangible and abstract topics. 
  • to understand in-depth discussion within your own specialism. 
  • to express yourself spontaneously and fluently so that can hold a normal conversation with a native speaker without any party having to go to any real  great effort to make themselves understood. 
  • to talk clearly and in detail about a wide range of topics. 
  • to express a point of view about an aspect of current affairs amd cite various advantages and disadvantages.




C1.1competent language usevery good prior knowledge






At C1 level you will learn::

  • to understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts and recognise implicit meaning 

  • to express yourself fluently and spontaneously without an obvious need to think about vocabulary and expressions. 

  • to use the language effectively and  flexibly  social and professional situations or in training and studies. 

  • to create clear, well-structured, detailed texts on complex subjects, showing controlled use.


C2competent language useexcellent prior knowledge





At C2 level you will learn:

  • to summarise information from different spoken and written sources, providing and explanations in a coherent manner.
  • to express yourself spontaneously, fluently and precisely
  • to express subtle nuances of meaning even in more complex situations.