The whole city is our classroom

In line with our motto, the region of Styria and the Capital of Cultural, Graz, are anchored in our course planning and design. After class (in the afternoons and evenings), we organize a wide range of leisure and sports activities for our students



leisure programme for two weeks 

three evenings a week

€ 100.-

leisure programme for four weeks 

three evenings a week

€ 200.-

Museums and Culture

Visit museums, exhibitions and concerts with our [DiG] course leaders.

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We organize trips to Vienna, to the Riegersburg (castle), to Lurgrotte (limestone cave)...  ...

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Our supervised sports programme leaves nothing to be desired: badminton, climbing, archery, beach volleyball, table tennis or just relaxing in the pool.

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Take part in crafts, singing, dancing or cooking.

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We host game nights, football matches and parties. 

Celebrations at Deutsch in Graz

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